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Cheryl Kerns of Dodge City, KS

About Cheryl Kerns (Cheryl's biography):

 There is no description for Cheryl Kerns's profile.  If you are Cheryl Kerns of Dodge City Kansas and would like to claim your profile, click here to do so by creating a MAEGIC member account.  If you know Cheryl Kerns, please let her know how she can help protect her identity and contribute to economic stability by claiming her profile via MAEGIC!

Cheryl Kerns's activity:

Cheryl Kerns has no activity. If you happen to know Cheryl, please be sure to let them know about her profile here so she can take control of her identity.

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8/4/2013, Chris G.'s review of El Charro Restaurant in Dodge City (5/10):
"El Charro is legendary in Dodge City. It's been around (and successful) for decades. Many people who visit Dodge are sent here for some of the best food in town, especially Mexican food. (Kate's is…"

5/2/2013, Ann L.'s review of Saigon Cafe Bistro in Dodge City (10/10):
"I must admit, I was very surprised (and a bit skeptical) when I heard about Saigon Cafe Bistro. But being from the west coast, I had to give it a try. Boy, was I glad I did! I worked nearby for a…"

7/21/2013, L B.'s review of Central Station Club & Grill in Dodge City (8/10):
"Big porterhouse, good flavor, good price, recommended by the hotel."

7/19/2013, Erica S.'s review of Bella Italia Ristorante in Dodge City (8/10):
"I have never had a bad meal here - and I consider myself a connoisseur of great restaurants (lived in Kansas City for 8+ years). Not all the wines are sweet, in fact I don't drink sweet wine EVER and…"